Guiding organizations to a fully funded vision so they can help communities flourish

"...the complete package..."

Working with Andy Sears over the past three years has provided AGCI the complete package -- solid development leadership, thorough staff training, amazing results, and a healthy dose of fun. I highly recommend Contour Strategies for any organization that is looking to strengthen their development program and enhance bottom-line results. Andy thoroughly understands the foundational elements required to transition to a model of transformational giving, the tactics to grow a sustainable program, and ultimately the means to fund a vision. 

— Hollen Frazier, President - All God's Children International

"...kept us focused..."

Andy’s inquisitive and disciplined guidance helped me grow as a fundraiser. While serving as capital campaign counsel for the Kitsap Regional Library, he kept us focused, nimble, and forward thinking. I can’t recommend highly enough the invaluable role Andy has played as a coach, mentor, and friend.”

 Lee Warnecke, Development Officer - University of Puget Sound (former Campaign Manager Kitsap Regional Library Foundation)

"...ability to coach others..."

Andrew Sears embodies the character, integrity, and capability found only in the greatest leaders. Embracing a team approach to work, he never hesitates to do the heaviest lifting and most thankless tasks. His visionary leadership coupled with the ability to provide insightful strategic direction has helped many organizations like ours see a vision become reality. Just as important, however, is his innate humbleness and ability to coach others to reach their full leadership potential...while maintaining a deep sense of purpose and healthy sense of humor. 

— Steve Pringle, Executive Director - Kindred Partners